Sunday, July 26, 2015

A mansard from Florissant and the reasons I've been MIA

I am embarrassed it's July and I haven't put up any bad mansards.  Here is a photo from June taken on the way to a funeral up in Florisssant.

We've been really busy this summer but things just eased up.

Here's what we've been up to:

  • Kay graduated from 8th grade at SMOS ending at 11 year career at the school.
  • Had a cousin visit from Germany
  • Took Audrey's girl scout troop camping.  Very wet and buggy but a lot of fun!
  • Went to Philadelphia and Virginia Beach on a family trip
  • Swim team.  Such a good experience but such a time commitment.  
  • Went to Black River Lodge to visit some cousins
  • Gus went to YMCA Camp Lakewood for a week.  He had a great time.
  • Wrapped up tee-ball, baseball, spring hockey, spring/summer lacrosse.  We have a few weeks before we get underway again with school, high school, more sports.
  • We're taking on a big project making some moves in the house to re-arrange our bedroom configurations.
cousin Arlene and her tour guides Kay and Audrey who took the day off school to visit the Arch.  They then walked themselves to citygarden and back to my office.


Kay and classmates.


Swim, Mimi, swim!

nice season dragons!

swimming with our cousins
me and my boy Gus

Kass/Dames wedding.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I Can See! - Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia

Awesome Philadelphia trip

We have a dreaded routine on our family trips:  I read all the literature and tourist guides and come up with a list of things I want to do.  John and the kids groan because they hate my forced family marches around cities, through parks, on trails, into museums, etc.  I say they'll all thank me later that they don't spend their trips in a hotel room staring at instagram.  Some tidbits about our recent trip to Philadelphia.

How far we walked on the longest Saturday of our lives:  6 miles

I felt proud when:  my 12 and 14 year old went on a shopping trip alone and navigated the city on their own.

Mimi's favorite part:  the giant heart in the Franklin Institute (got into FI free with our St. Louis Science Center membership).  Gus liked the brain.

A tiny bit overrated:  the Eastern State Penitentiary but the lunch across the street at Jack's firehouse was much needed.  We had a great lunch with Coke's in glass bottles, Bloody Mary for John, and a Victory Pils for me.

Thank goodness I found:  bowtie at Macy's for Gus.  It totally made his look!

My review on the Phlash bus which will take you to all the tourist spots for $5 a day:  it's great if it shows up.   If one of them gets in a wreck, you're stuck waiting for 40 minutes in the blazing sun waiting for another to show up.

Activities that weren't on "my list" but were glad we did:  Richard Avedon exhibit at National Jewish Museum and the Morrissey Concert at the Kimmel  Center.

What else we did:  family dinner, visit LOVE statue, played in fountains, Genghis Khan exhibit, Liberty Bell, Independence Mall (sadly no time for hall), rooftop pool/pizza/beer with family, Rocky Stairs, Phillies v. Cardinals game.

I'm still in St. Louis moments:  "GO CARDS" everywhere and "Hot in Herre" by Nelly at the wedding.

Wish I had made it to:  Betsy Ross house and the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul.

And- John weary and on 5.5 miles into our city journey, recognized Rittenhouse Square from one of our favorite movies, Trading Places.

Virginia Beach

After Philadelphia we packed up the car again and went to Virginia Beach for a little beach time. Here are some bad mansards we found. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Philadelphia Union League

We had a great trip to Philadelphia for johns nephew's wedding. We stayed near this building built in 1865 to provide support to Union and Lincoln. A nice mansard too!  It's a city club and sounds similar to our Missouri athletic club.