Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nouvelle Annee. Ma maison avec la neige.

Happy new year! Here's my mansard with some snow on it.


  1. That's a HUGE house. I grew up in one of that size in Midtown (Samuel Shepard & Grand Ave), & for real... the heating bills; the cleaning; the upkeep alone was just too much! I miss living in that fashion, but not the expense!!!!

  2. It's a big house, but it looks much bigger from the sidewalk. It's only 2 rooms deep. Because the house was rehabbed with new windows in 2002, the heating and AC bills aren't that bad. In fact, our highest heating bill has been about $350. Our house in Lafayette Square, which was 1/2 the size, once had a $800 heating bill.

  3. Aye, 'tis a lovely Italianate beauty. I'm pretty certain that my wife and I have passed by while cycling to Soulard Mkt. Glad to see that you chose to replicate the arches in the front elevation windows. Too many times I see replacements which don't do this. Love the corbelling at the facade and side elevations. Nice details.