Monday, July 5, 2010

What is French for "Drunk guy threw my flower pot in the street"?

I must be a magnet for this stuff (or, more likely, my house is on a busy-ish street and also near a bus stop). Police knocked on the door. "Did you call 911?" Nope. Not me.

"Ma'am, please step outside." At this point I assume I'm in trouble for bad parallel parking or, even worse, that there's a warrant out for my arrest due a technical error or something.

Nothing like that. Turns out a drunk guy picked up my freshly potted geranium and threw it at a bus. There was a news crew in the area which captured the episode on film. The crew also called the police.

The police asked if I wanted to press charges. I eventually said yes, not because I felt like a victim or anything, but because my perfectly matched flower pots were unmatched and I now had to go back to the flower store for more geraniums, an unnecessary waste of my very precious time. Stupid drunk.


  1. Oh, so they caught the guy?

  2. yes, caught the flower pot guy but I don't think they prosecuted the case.