Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Italians yet again

This little butterface is for sale. Here's the listing: link. It's a cute place but for its top facade. I like the floor plan and the details inside. Rip the siding off the mansard, paint the kitchen a nice avocado green and it's a nice place for under $90,000.

Thanks to my friend Patsy for sending me the picture. Patsy was the first mommy friend I made. It was March 2001 and I was eating brunch with my newborn and husband at the now defunct market/coffee shop Marche (on Park in Lafayette Square where the Chocolate Bar is now located).

Patsy walked up to me and said, "hey, a few of us in the neighborhood just had babies and we get together for playdates and the like." And so it was. A Lafayette Square playgroup.

Now Patsy is the co-leader of the Brownie troop. She nor I live in Lafayette Square anymore. She lives in the neighborhood where my kids go to school and I live in the neighborhood where her kids go to school. I need to go get a drink with Patsy at the Chocolate Bar- where it all started.


  1. Ok I bet you any money I'm one person removed from Patsy (not counting you). I swear there are only 400 people in south St. Louis.

  2. and I'm thinking that we know each other from the Swim Club ... my mom sold her Lafayette Square townhouse in 2005. or was it 2006?

  3. Lisa, do you mean the Lafayette Square Bath and Tennis? I am a member but I don't think Patsy ever joined. I left Lafayette Square in 2002 and Patsy left in 2005. I lived on Mississippi.

    Bridgett, I am sure you are correct about the one-degree removed from Patsy, or just about anybody on the South Side for that matter.