Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have personal boundaries. I like to stay away from certain parts of the St. Louis area. In general, I don't like it west of Lindbergh, south of Gravois, north of Delmar or east of the Mississippi river. Such ridiculous policies would explain why I've been writing badmansard for more than two years and just now made it to Westport Plaza. It is a mecca of badmansards.

  1. I was visiting a VERY IMPORTANT CLIENT out that way and it had a terrible mansard. But there are attorney/client privileges and one of them is that an attorney cannot make fun of her client's headquarter's roof.
  2. I saw Modern English at Westport Playhouse in 1985 or so.
  3. The girl scout store is out that way so now I have an excuse to explore the wonder of Westport's architecture style.


  1. Wow. South of Gravois and N. of Delmar? Really? As a resident of Dutchtown living near Marquette Park, I find this most peculiar. I feel that you are missing out on some really good areas here.

  2. Yes, that does sound silly. I was really speaking of Delmar in the county and Gravois in the county. I should have been more clear. I go all over the city.