Sunday, March 11, 2012

the Climb, taxes and weeds

Usually our weekends are packed solid with activities and social events. This weekend was a little different thanks in part due to my oldest daughter Kay breaking her big toe and therefore unable to play soccer until April.

On Saturday my husband juggled Gus' karate and Audrey's last basketball game. I did Master the Met, a stair climb up 40 flights in St. Louis' tallest building Metropolitan Square. My song of choice to get me to the top was the Chemical Brothers Container Park from the movie Hanna. Unfortunately, a crappy Hannah Montana song kept making its way into my head- the Climb.

Despite the dueling Hanna(h) songs, I made it to the top in 8:40. I was pleased with my time and ranking- 232nd out of 1000 and 14th in my age group (40-49, thank you very much).

Sunday I caught up on two terrible things that are inevitable every spring: weeds and taxes. I hit the yard first knowing it would rain in the afternoon. Those weeds were as bad as I've ever seen them in early March. It never got cold enough for them to be killed off. I think they've been growing full force since the summer.

I wish to share with you my little time saving trick. When I weed I throw the debris on a giant tarp that one would use for camping or painting. Then drag the tarp with all the leaves/weeds/sticks/pine cones/trash/condom wrappers/broken Mardi Gras beads/cigarette packs to the dumpster. Pull up the corners of the tarp like you're making a dumpling. Unload the debris and start all over again. It took me 5 trips.

Much cheaper than using the brown garden bags.

I am going to be sore on Monday but I will be in better shape- body, garden, taxes.

If you've seen Hanna, you know exactly why I would have picked Container Park for a climb. If note, watch the trailer/song:

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