Sunday, December 16, 2012


I like doing the badmansard blog because I meet a lot of nice and interesting internet peoples all of whom like making fun of bad mansards.  And sometimes I realize I've probably already met some of them in real life.

Take Ruth, for instance.  She sent me this copper topped goddess in the Belle Meade part of Nashville.  Aside- how fast would this thing be torn apart by St. Louis copper thieves?

Ruth was friends with my friend Megan's older brothers Kevin and Wade.  She was on swim team with them at Brentwood Bath and Tennis, a pool where I spent a great deal of my summers as a kid as the guest of Megan and other Brentwood kids.  So I probably met Ruth already, but nice to meet her again especially when she sends me shiny bad mansards.  Thanks!

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  1. That's either a brand spanking new copper roof, or it's (more likely) one of the numerous fake copper standing seam metal roofing products available out there. You wouldn't believe how many ways you can get your fake copper building products - super shiny, brown and aged, green patina-ed...

    The copper on our mansard (flashing / gutter and roof of the dormer) were so shiny when brand new, but it only took a week or two before they were a dull brown - which I actually prefer. But shiny is exciting!