Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Sometimes your day doesn't go as planned.  Take, for instance, today.  The plan was to go the Ash Wednesday mass with the school kids, head into work for a full and busy day, and make a nice meatless dinner.  I had a cute Ash Wednesday post planned in my head.  None of that happened.  Child #1 threw up as soon as he got out of bed.  Child #2 said her head hurt and she didn't feel good.  I accused her of being a copy cat sickie so she could stay home with her brother.  But I felt her head and she was 102 degrees.

No mass.  No ashes.  Two sick kids home from school.  One kid has Influenza A and taking Tamiflu.  While waiting for the prescription from the Lafayette Walgreens I found this mansard hiding in plain sight.  I have never seen this RYB (red yellow blue) mess before.  DId it just get painted?  Here's hoping my week gets better than this mansard.

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  1. Oh dear. I am glad those days are behind youngest is almost 27 with a daughter of his own. But, I do remember days like you describe. Frustrating.