Thursday, February 12, 2009

La Mansard de mon ami

This lovely mansard belongs to my bonne amie J.P.W. and her husband W.  It's about as perfect as a mansard as you'll find anywhere.   I met J+W when our oldest children were infants in the Lafayette Square ad hoc playgroup.  Lafayette Square is crawling with kids now, but back in 2001, there weren't very many of us.  Anyway, for as long as I've known J. she's been doing up her mansard avec some serious skill.  This is her 3rd floor roofline-  check out that detail!  I don't know what the curly-cues are officially called, but they sure are pur-ty.

I also like the restraint she has shown with her paint colors.  Unlike some other houses in Lafayette Square, J's paint colors are tasteful and restrained.  Note to crazy paint people in Lafayette SQ:  don't take the painted lady designation so literally.  Painted lady does not mean crazy Pantone experimental freak-fest.  

Ironically, J's sister teaches French and I should hope she never proofreads my French (as I would hope Madam Mason of WGHS or Madam Muratore at Mizzou never track me down either).

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