Saturday, February 7, 2009

Near the intersection of "Bad" and "Mansard"

Here are two commercial mansards at the intersection of Big Bend and Shrewsbury. Not sure if these are technically the municipality Webster or Shrewsbury.  Two bad mansards at one intersection!  The purple building is the former restaurant Zinnia's, which had pretty decent food but recently closed.  I think the owner was tired of running a restaurant.  I think the career of restauranteer would indeed suck the life out of you.  

The combination purple paint/bad mansard was almost chic in the 1980's when Zinnia's opened.  In the 1990's it was quirky.  By the 2000's, the paint was faded, the mansard was shabby and Zinnia had lost its buzz.   The combination of the purple/bad mansard was old and sad, much like an 38 year old chubby girl lifting her shirt at Mardi Gras.

No idea what the other bad mansard houses- a music place?  It's been there forever.  I passed it a thousand times driving up Big Bend on my way to Deer Creek Liquor ("bottle of Dimitrov vodka please") and Naugle's ("hey guys, after the show we're all going to Naugles").  Deer Creek is closed, no one makes Dimitrov and I think Naugles is a Quizno's or something.  I am so old.  Just like the purple mansard, but come Mardi Gras I get the hell out of Soulard and I'll lift my shirt for no one.


  1. OMG your posts are wonderful. I will read more. I drive past that corner every few weeks but I never noticed the ugly. Until now.

    I remember Naugles, but it closed my freshman year to become a Del Taco (the one at SLU, at least)

  2. This was the Naugles on Big Bend in Maplewood. From Webster High School it was faster to get to that Naugles than the Webster Taco Bell.

    Thanks for reading. Now you'll notice bad mansards wherever you go.