Friday, April 20, 2012

From the coeur

Frequently for my job I am dispatched to the outstate of Missouri.  Thursday was Union.  I combed the downtown area for bad mansards and this permastone log cabin mansard was all I could find.  Sorry for the shadows on the picture.  I have asked for a decent point and click camera for Mother's Day so I am hopeful the photo quality will improve.  

I don't know much about signage, city code and the like, but I am quite sure this size sign exceeds most design and zoning guidelines for proper sign size and placement.  

If "Heartland" is a bad sign, the Budweiser lettering at the brewery is a good one.  It's also big but proportional to the size of the brewery.  

I took the picture while jogging with the dog around the Anheuser Busch brewery which I consider a good substitution for a park.  It has a 1.25 mile perimeter, no cross streets to worry about (other than the entrance gates), security, even sidewalks and landscaping.  If you cross Broadway you can add some miles by looping Lyon Park (or Rollercoaster park as my kids call it due to the hills).

I'm not the only Soulardois running around the brewery.  On any given evening there are many of us circling the brewery.  Hey, in Soulard we take what we can get.  Some city folk have lovely parks like Lafayette and Tower Grove and Francis for exercise, we make due with our beer brewery.

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  1. It should be Soulardoise since you're a lady.