Friday, July 6, 2018

June household mini-projects

This is the second floor kids' bathroom.  When I was pregnant in 2005, I decided it should be painted a very, very blue.  John hated it.  It took me about 1 year to admit he was right and also hate the color, and another 12 years to finally change it.  We added wood to the mirror, changed the hardware/faucet/lights and re-painted the vanity.  Much better!

We also cleaned out the shower area of the first floor bathroom.  It had served as a closet for 4+ years.
cleaned this light fixture - it had only been 16 years
The "bar".  we'd like a new one, but int he meantime, new paint will have to do.
the lirope I planted in this shady strip died over the winter.  Replanted.  Fingers crossed.
the start of my hot & dry rock garden.  There are giant tree roots, gas line and water line running under this bed, so these plants made sense.  
someone left an offering to the dumpster gods
cat perched on dumpster - probably looking for mice.

painted the front door- brought in a painted for this job.  It took him 4 days, which means it would have taken John and me a month and we would have messed it up.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Springfield, MO

I had to be in court in Springfield, MO and saw this double-trouble mansard complex on Sunshine Street.