Saturday, February 17, 2024

the Hill neighborhood, St. Louis

New homes in the historic Hill neighborhood of St. Louis with mansard-ish roofs.  The Hill is St. Louis' Italian neighborhood.  I love the Hill and I find myself there frequently for great restaurants, Italian grocers, hair cuts and coffee.  

favorite Hill event:  Wine-down Wednesday.  It's a combined bar and antique shopping experiences.   

favorite family place for dinner:  Guido's, kids love it. 

best new restaurant :  I also had a couple of dinners at Sado where the food (mostly Japanese) was exceptional.  Hey waitstaff - lighten up.  You seem joyless.     

need to try:  the 11:00 am mass at St. Ambrose

I miss:  kids' dentist used to be on the Hill but outgrew the space.