Saturday, January 30, 2021

New jobs bring new architecture

 Not mansard related, but my husband has a new job in the beautiful Station G building on Chouteau.  It's an old Laclede Gas pump station.   John has worked in some architecturally amazing places over the last 25+ years:  1136 Washington Ave (A.D. Brown Building), 1221 Locust Street (Shell Building), 1101 Lucas Avenue (Hadley-Dean Building) and 415 N. 10th Street. 

As for me, I've only ever worked in two old, cool buildings.  For a hot minute, my law firm had temporary space in Union Trust Building.  My office was huge with a lumpy couch and a pretty chandelier.  It's now the site of the Saint Louis old office is now a hotel room, LOL.  Then, when I was in law school, I worked in the Frisco Building at 9th and Olive.  Other than that, my firm has been in very boring space:  200 N. Broadway, 211 N. Broadway and 515 Olive.

Enjoy the pics. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Jefferson City, Missouri

Here is a mansard in Jefferson City, MO or, as Missourians call it, "Jeff City."  It's the state capitol.  Isn't it weird we call it "Jeff City??"  I cannot even think of another state capital with such casual naming.  Steve City?  Bill Burg?  Tommy Town?  Jeff City is such a strange little nickname for our state capital.


Saturday, January 23, 2021

Wall Street Journal Mansards

My astute father in law found this little story about the mansard roofline in the Wall Street Journal.  Thanks, JJD Sr.!