Saturday, November 24, 2012

These are my weekends

 A few weekends ago I set a personal record.  I went to five parishes in a 24 hour period for sports, dancing, boozing and more.  I'm not saying I went to these places over a weekend.  Nope.  Just a 24 hour period.

  • Mary Mother of the Church for 4th grade volleyball
  • St. Justin in Sunset Hills for 6th grade girls soccer
  • Tower Grove Christian for more volleyball.  No drinking here.  Sad face although their gym is very nice and they were giving away free popcicles.  
  • Little Flower for pre-school and 4th grade dancing
  • St. Margaret of Scotland for the Highlander dinner/dance where I did a little too much drinking.  My husband one-upped me by not drinking so much and doing so while wearing a kilt
While at St. Justin's I saw the house mansard through a screen of trees.  And driving north on Lindbergh I saw the business mansard and did a papparazzi shot (it's that thing where you shoot a picture without looking at the camera).

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

dry cleaner

Thank you to my new friend Richard S. who sent me this bad mansard dry cleaner on Clayton Road near St. Mary's Hospital.  Looks like the tile work on the roof is newish because this looks a little different that how I remember.

And I do have many memories of St. Mary's hospital and the surrounding vicinity.  3 of the 4 badmansard children were born there.

This Thanksgiving we are going to Webster Groves to bounce between my mom's house and John's sister's house.  I married the youngest of 5 kids.  It's great- no one expects much out of me at Thanksgiving.  I am bringing brownie pie, pecan pie and a brussel sprout dish.

Of course that leaves me with a big to do list otherwise- family in town, want to swim with kids, skate at Steinberg, go running, ride bikes, get outside decorated with lights and garland (YES it it too soon but I need to be ready because the neighborhood is on tour December 1-2) and house needs a deep clean.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Two events this week- my 14 wedding anniversary to my husband John.  What could have been a cold, rainy typical November day was 80 degrees, sunny and perfect.  Just like our marriage.  HA!  I also just turned 42 and my husband jokes that he remembers the second full week of November has my birthday and our anniversary but he cannot remember which is which.

It is also my 4 year anniversary of using Tumblr. What?  You haven't read my 63104mom tumblr?  Just look to the right of your screen and click. 

I started tumbling right after the birth of Mimi.  I realized that with 4 kids and limited crafting skills that I'd never be a scrapbooker as was clear by the large bins of kids' mementos that had piled up since 2000.  So I tumbl instead.  My family (hi mom!) appreciates a mini update on the kids every day.  Tumblr is perfect for quotes, links, pics, etc.  It's also a bit less obnoxious than the old facebook.   I know that most of my facebook people do not want an update on my kids everyday.

One of these days I'll print out the last 4 years of tumblr and that will have to suffice for a scrapbook.  Hope you enjoy it.  For the full effect click on "archive" and it will show you everything at once.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

U- Haul Fiesta

Friday I went to a retirement party for my mom and found myself lumbering west on Manchester Road west of 141. I don't think I've ever driven on that part of Manchester.  Because if I had I would have most certainly brought a better camera because OMG can you believe this mansard? It looks like on of those places where you'd go get Mexican food and margaritas before you knew there were much better restaurants for Mexican food.

But it's Cinco de Mayo all the time out in Ballwin so the next time you're needing a u-haul make sure you go to this places.