Wednesday, November 21, 2012

dry cleaner

Thank you to my new friend Richard S. who sent me this bad mansard dry cleaner on Clayton Road near St. Mary's Hospital.  Looks like the tile work on the roof is newish because this looks a little different that how I remember.

And I do have many memories of St. Mary's hospital and the surrounding vicinity.  3 of the 4 badmansard children were born there.

This Thanksgiving we are going to Webster Groves to bounce between my mom's house and John's sister's house.  I married the youngest of 5 kids.  It's great- no one expects much out of me at Thanksgiving.  I am bringing brownie pie, pecan pie and a brussel sprout dish.

Of course that leaves me with a big to do list otherwise- family in town, want to swim with kids, skate at Steinberg, go running, ride bikes, get outside decorated with lights and garland (YES it it too soon but I need to be ready because the neighborhood is on tour December 1-2) and house needs a deep clean.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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