Saturday, November 24, 2012

These are my weekends

 A few weekends ago I set a personal record.  I went to five parishes in a 24 hour period for sports, dancing, boozing and more.  I'm not saying I went to these places over a weekend.  Nope.  Just a 24 hour period.

  • Mary Mother of the Church for 4th grade volleyball
  • St. Justin in Sunset Hills for 6th grade girls soccer
  • Tower Grove Christian for more volleyball.  No drinking here.  Sad face although their gym is very nice and they were giving away free popcicles.  
  • Little Flower for pre-school and 4th grade dancing
  • St. Margaret of Scotland for the Highlander dinner/dance where I did a little too much drinking.  My husband one-upped me by not drinking so much and doing so while wearing a kilt
While at St. Justin's I saw the house mansard through a screen of trees.  And driving north on Lindbergh I saw the business mansard and did a papparazzi shot (it's that thing where you shoot a picture without looking at the camera).

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