Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Lovely mansard home on scenic river"

Here's a mansard along one of  St. Louis' lesser known rivers, the River des Peres.  No, French speakers, it's not the Day Per-rez, but the River Duh Pear.  And the River des Peres (RDP) isn't really a river, but a storm sewer overflow.   The RDP winds though the City of St. Louis and picks up water from storm sewers and creeks along the way before dumping into the Mississippi River about 1/2 mile from where this photo was taken.  It's low and dry now, but the RDP swelled to its top earlier this spring.  Each side of the RDP pays tribute to one of St. Louis' important cultural identities:  The north side is Germania (German) and the south side is Carondelet (Ca-RON-duh-lay, French).  

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  1. It's what I would imagine the French Quarter looks like in Fallujah.