Thursday, May 14, 2009

BiState Curious has reached across the Mississippi River into Lincoln land in search of bad mansards.   Astute reader Dan who authors What my Kid's Art Says (click here) found a flock of bad mansards perched on Hamilton Avenue in Rogers Park.  Go read Dan's blog(s).  Dan is funny, friendly, smart and has quite an eye for mal mansards.

Who knew there were garages des mansards? And the window above the garage door- am I to believe folks sleep in the mansard above the garage?  Aren't the mansard dwellers worried about carbon monoxide poisoning?  This is an odd ball, even in my fantasy bad mansard world.

 Once again Dan has given me something to laugh at- something I've been doing since 1987.  Thanks Dan! 


  1. Oh, that's more awful than usual.

    And yes, Dan's blog is tres amusing. I plan to submit some of Sophia's and Maeve's artwork for his perusal soon.

  2. you are too kind. happy to help such a great, weird blog. please keep it up. now i can't pass a mansard in chicago without thinking of you. that's not to say i think of you as a roof, i don't.