Sunday, December 13, 2009

Etat Street butterface

This is near Wyoming Street- Ohio? Iowa? I swore I'd remember its state intersection but I don't. Cute little house- nice color (even though many of you detest painted brick), architectural detail, window brackets, etc. But like the girl at the bar with a nice figure but an ugly face, this place is a butterface (buttermansard). I think the problem is that the cornice/bracket between the mansard and the facade is missing, making the transition between roof and wall very awkward.


  1. Looks like a crappy flip job. But then again, when isn't a flip a crappy POS? This one has all of the hallmarks: Baby-poop-colored paint, with the un-repointed brick under it, cheap vinyl replacement windows, Home Depot door, original cornice missing/removed/unrestored...Flips and some "rehabs" do more damage sometimes. Raise the price of the house without raising the value. BTB, I see that someone is taking on at least one of those houses on Sidney about which you sometimes post.

  2. Oh my- i hadn't even noticed how terrible the door was. If the roof and door were better this would be an ok place, even with the windows.

    Re Sidney- City Lights (Randy middeke's company- he rehabbed my house) is working on a Sidney Street Property- maybe 1217? 1219? I'm sure it will be fantastic. Randy is great and his attention to historical detail and quality is outstanding.

    1207, 1209, and 1211 sit in various states of 'rehab'. I use that term with much reservation. We'll see.

  3. I agree on the transition. I really like the moldings at the dormers.

    We should have a badmansard group meeting sometime with a slideshow.

  4. At least its brick. We have thousands of frame Second Empire Mansard roof cottages in Cincinnati and the common 'remuddler' trick is to lop off the brackets and box gutter off and run vinyl siding all the way down.

    The end result is this vinyl slopes wall which lets the water run directly down to the foundation where it destabilizes the foundation. But 'hey' who needs gutters anyway?

    You just want to 'slap' these people!!!!