Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mansard Garage Deux

Here we are in Lafayette Square, St. Louis' premier collection of Second Empire Victorians. And this garage. Near Sqwires on 18th. One of Kay's friends lives near this garage and I honestly hadn't noticed it until read Matt pointed it out to me. D'oh!

Sidenote 1: can we PLEASE stop butchering the spelling of restaurants with random numbers and misplaced letters? Sqwires. Fi5teen. Backward "7".

Sidenote 2: I hate restaurants with names like churches and churches that sound like restaurants. A church should be named for a saint or religious event and/or its denomination and location (Third Baptist, Webster Methodist, etc).


  1. Do you mean like "Jubilee" and "The Journey"? But what are some restaurants that sound like churches??

  2. Yes, exactly. Restaurants that sound like churches: Revival (until it closed) and Harvest (which is both a church and a restaurant).

  3. Re sidenotes: Can I get a "Say Amen, Somebody"? Howsaboot Sanctuaria, with the cheesy Gothic lettering, no less. Or bars/restaurants/advertising which reference the Russian language inserting letters randomly from the Cyrillic alphabet. I took a year of Russian in HS, so I'm probably more sensitive to this than others, but using the backwards R (a "Ya" sound) for an R in the English alphabet is simply idiotic. Same with the other characters. There's a bar in the CWE which uses Cyrillic characters to this effect. I assume it's meant to evoke something exotic, but I really have to laugh at the comical pretentiousness of it all. It's like they wrote the joke just for me.

  4. Just saw the logo for Sanctuaria- it made me angry and my font-snob husband angrier. You know what else made me mad? The backward "K" in Abstrakt, the coffee place at Arsenal and Lemp.