Saturday, February 20, 2010

J'ai regret

So sorry I've been lazy at keeping up bad mansard. February is Mardi Gras month and we host a party for about 150 the Friday before Ash Wednesday. About 2 weeks of setting up and another week of putting the house back together. The party went well as far as I remember, but I lost track about 2 hours into the party when I declared, "F. it, it's my party, and I'm gonna keep drinking..." Here's a picture of me when I've been overserved. I'm doing the Der Komissar dance in my kitchen.

I present a baby mansard row of houses to ponder. Two replicas, one original, and one bitching yellow camero. Thanks to a reader (Matt?) for sending me the Google streetview picture of the mal ensemble. Appropriately, the bitching camero was also on Google streetview.

Tip: if you're going to build a new 2nd Empire next to an old 2nd Empire, please get the ceiling heights and scale correct. The replica dwellings look like section 8 dwarf housing.

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