Monday, March 8, 2010

Soulevez le toit: Miami and Jefferson

Thanks to Mark Abeln of Rome of the West for sending me this picture of a mansard hulk at Miami and Jefferson. The building to the left is Concordia Publishing.

This bad mansard lead has been sitting in my email in box since before Christmas. I had ambitious plans: I would go take a picture myself instead of pulling it off Mark's flickr account. I had even planned to look up the property owner and figure out why someone added MORE height to a mansard ceiling. But, 4 kids and no time. So this is all you get. I would love to hear anyone's theory of what the heck happened to this mansard. Was it a factory of some type that needed more head room on the third floor for machinery? Were there some really tall people living on the third floor?

About Mark's blog (click here): he takes stunning pictures of the interior and exterior of churches throughout the metropolitan area. In the city of St. Louis, the Catholic churches anchor every single city neighborhood and compose the visual landscape. Rome of the West lets us take a peak inside.


  1. I don't know the reason for "rasing the roof". However, I do know that this is one of Doug Hartmann's Follies. Geez, could the owner at least put a roof on the derned the thing?

  2. That's awful. Is that plywood?

  3. Samizdat: thanks for the raise the roof reference. Have incorporated it into the title.

  4. Your welcome. Thank you for posting the sometimes weird, and often wonderful world of the mansard.