Monday, May 17, 2010

My favorite intersection: Douzième et Treizième

I love the intersection of 12th and 13th near the Anheuser Busch brewery visitor's center.

1. Where 12th splits off from 13th is a one-of-a-kind stop sign where drivers are instructed they "need not stop" if turning right. I challenge you: is there another sign like this? My challenge to the Streets department: how about a needn't turn right sign. It's also a 3-way.

2. I also would assert the alley between 12th and
13th may be the shortest in St. Louis

3. And these cool Clydesdales live near the intersection of 12th and 13th.


  1. Yes! There are at least two in the city of Baltimore near Johns Hopkins University. I think of my one-time old home every time I see that bizarre intersection.

  2. We have the same sign near my house at Macklind and Sublette right by the police station. Of course, the police feel like they "need not stop" at any stop sign in that area.

  3. Yes--at Sublette and Macklind (I think it's Macklind), just west of the police station, there's another "need not stop" sign!

  4. How did I not see the "need not stop" sign off Sublette? I go to the South City YMCA all the time. I must be on the wrong side of the sign. Thanks for the information.

  5. @Chris- I've never been to Baltimore but I feel like I should visit. My grandmother grew up near the Mt. Vernon neighborhood and my grandfather grew up in Cumberland and played football in the 1940's for the U of Maryland. The met at Maryland and my grandfather later coached at Maryland after Jim Tatum left for NC.

  6. Have you seen these pictures?

    If you do visit Baltimore, let me know, as I know the city fairly well. Mt. Vernon Square is a beautiful neighborhood.