Sunday, March 20, 2011

I dunno

Driving down Lynch Street in Benton Park, this mansard jumped out at me. As I slowed my 2005 minivan (it may be dorky and dirty, but paid off), the kids screamed in unison, "MMMMOMMMMMM! NOOOOOO! You're embarrassing us. do NOT take a picture."

But I did. And here it is. This place bothers me. I think it's the brick color and siding. The mansard is nice as is the 2nd floor window. I like the paint colors. The windows are smaller than they should be, but interesting. No vestibule so that's weird. It shouldn't bother me but it does.

Please comment.


  1. Correct Second Empire architecture would not feature a pediment broken by the window. Likewise, the gable over the window is totally wrong for the style of architecture they are attempting. The windows are too small as well, as you stated, and there are typically only two on St. Louis houses with Mansard roofs.

    So your children are at the age where everything you do embarrasses them?

  2. I love your depiction of your kids here.

    I think it's the brick facade, for me anyway. if the brick continued all the way back, it wouldn't be as off-putting. And the brick shouldn't be so modern--it should be red or cream. Red.

  3. Wow, talk about taking form following function to the worst degree. Oof. So, the second story joists are about a foot higher than the jack arches of the first story windows, sooo, the second story window smashes right into the cornice. Ouch! Oh, and the windows (oy). The sphincter-sized windows look completely out of proportion to the facade, the little panels below them notwithstanding. Ironically, this is probably a vintage brick we see here: taken from an older house, still retaining the stain from old mortar, and the builder not being aware that interior brick is not of the highest quality. Hence the peculiar "patchwork" look. This poor thing just looks sad. Bad architect, bad developer, BAD!

  4. Wrong on too many levels to comment on. It hurts me to live so close.

  5. The proportions just look "off." Isn't Benton Park part of a preservation district? I'm surprised this was approved.