Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lewd and Indecent Mansard Exposure

Gentlemen, meet the Queen of Hearts, Fenton's premium strip club. It's not full on strip club, but rather a pasty club meaning the girls wear nipple coverings. That plan may have backfired for the Queen of Hearts. I'm told they've had problems with local law enforcement and the St. Louis County Liquor Commission for failure to adhere (pun intended) to the pasties and going full-on nudie instead.

I could have taken a better picture but I had to get the Busch sign in the picture. Ya'll know I love my Busch memorabilia.

Found this mansard running on the Meramec Trail while my oldest daughter had a soccer thing at Fenton Park. She plays on one of those year-round "select" clubs. Fortunately, it's a south-city centered club and we practice at Nottingham school. I am lazy and competitive at the same time.

Excited for tonight- at the recent school auction a group bought a VW microbus architectural pub crawl. Yes, all that. A group of us are getting in two VW Microbuses for a tour of St. Louis architectural highlights and stopping at bars and restaurants along the way.

Finally, Queen of Hearts is a Juice Newton song before all else:


  1. The Queen of Hearts has NEVER been full on nude! I have worked there for ten years. The reason, and the only reason that there were problems was because the latex of the pasties started rolling back from sweat. Exposing a very small portion of the aireola. It doesnt matter how much or how little shows, you get charged all the same. Don't be ignorant, educate yourself.

  2. I used to work there for 12 years I've been solve my friends I had a lot of fun there I have been retired for seven years now if it recognizes be a friend request on facebook for crystal Angus