Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bitness trip

Took a trip to Wisconsin to visit a friend, entertain clients, go on a nice long run, eat great food and drink beer. If you're thinking "oh how nice to get out of the St. Louis heat"-- not so fast. It was 95 there today and Wisconsin seemsless adept at handling the heat (AC seems less powerful).

This tower of mansard madness is in Madison on the University of Wisconsin campus.

Sorry for the poor photo quality. I was driving with a coworker and he wasn't interested in slowing down so I could take a proper picture.


  1. Yikes! This kind of reminds me of the addition to the Willard Hotel in Washington DC that looks like someone threw up mansards on the back of the building. I kind of like the top of the other building in the background though.

  2. I think, but I am not sure, that the other building is part of the University of WIsconsin School of Journalism. My friend works on an NPR show and I think that's his building. Feel it necessary to now add Mizzou has a far superior journalism school.