Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two things I can relate to

Orthodontics and a bad mansard backdrop. If you cannot read it, the sign says, "Grandchild needs braces, buy this truck." The mansard is one of my all-time least favorites featured back in 2009.

As for the orthodontics, my almost 9 year old daughter is doing a 'palate expander' which is a fancy cranking retainer that has been lost at least 5 times at $170 a piece.

The other daughter is almost 11 and has lovely teeth that are perfectly straight. Cool, no braces. Wait. She is MISSING her bottom permanent first molars. Her baby teeth should hopefully hold through high school at which time she'll need titanium implants. Those implants will probably cost more than braces.

It's always f. something.


  1. will she really need them? I ask because of two examples:

    a. my sister-in-law still has her baby eye teeth and she is 35.

    b. I have no first molars or wisdom teeth, all pulled back in the day when they pulled healthy teeth for braces (the molars, I mean--the wisdom teeth were because there was nowhere for them to go and it was gonna be bad). I can't tell where my first molars would even go. True, having them not meet up with the top molars is bad, but...I wonder if there's another way.

    Oh, and I'm in deep denial about my oldest's teeth. I'm thinking we're on the way to orthodontics but I keep hoping.

  2. Aaaaach, I hate that mansard, too! You KNOW there's a really nice facade hiding under all of that crap!

  3. 1. yep, we're doing the expander too, on my 11 y.o. fun fun fun

    2. my husband still has his baby front teeth, with porcelain caps. take good care of them, maybe you'll be surprised.

    3. that's not a mansard it's a shingled wall. if only because it gives mansards a bad name.

  4. You are so right. With kids it seems: "It's always f. something." Not complainin', as much as just sayin'.