Monday, October 10, 2011

Target v. Walmart

I usually put my mommy observations on my 63104mom tumblr. But this time I thought badmansard readers would enjoy a statement I made at a Brownie event.

We went to the SLU Occupational Therapy department this past Saturday to attend a disability workshop. The program was great and the girls asked some very insightful questions. And let's not ignore the obvious. The thought rolling around in wheelchairs and walkers and using blindness goggles was a lot of fun.

And I also learned some random information such as K's grandpa has a "plastic eye" and one of the 3rd grade teachers is missing her leg after a train accident.

At one point the coordinator asked the girls in our troop if they'd "ever been to Walmart and seen someone in a wheelchair?" No girl raised her hand. There were no "Oh me oh me oh me." Not one girl could identify with going to Walmart. Crickets for the very kind SLU OT professor.

So I raised my own hand and announced, "We're more of a Target crowd." No offense to Walmart, but there just aren't any stores in our urban neighborhoods.


  1. Thank goodness for that. Wally World would disappear entire neighborhoods for its 300K sq ft of box'n'park. But then again, Target is run by a bunch of fundy Dominionist/Apostolic Reformationist types. Whattya gonna do?

  2. Oh, that's awesome. I know it's one devil over another but I worked at Wal*Mart. I still have the scars.

  3. I'm sorry E missed that event. What a crazy October it's been.

    I love it. My daughters' only experience with WalMarts happen on long road trips. When you are stuck in the middle of nowhere / small town America you can usually find a WalMart and they offer two things: usually, a clean bathroom (although the actual store floor is always grimy and sticky - go figure) and long aisles to walk through and stretch your legs. I'm always depressed when I leave there, but at least I don't have to go to the bathroom anymore.