Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finding Jesus in a bad mansard

Another gem on South Broadway. Is it a church? A health clinic? A store? I don't know. Well, according to the sign Jesus is there. And the other signage tells us the place is open. Balloons too! I propose a rename: the Jesus Family Outreach Balloon Bad Mansard store.

More about seeing/finding Jesus. I usually go to St. Margaret of Scotland. I try to go to Sts. Peter and Paul in Soulard once a month. It is the structurally largest of the many Catholic churches in my neighborhood- giant, Gothic, buff/black, 8th street, built by Germans, spire you can see from highway 55/44 merge.

Sts. Peter and Paul has a much smaller group of regulars than SMOS. My reasoning for skipping SMOS in favor of Sts.PP is that SMOS is pretty crowded and Peter/Paul is not. Peter and Paul really, really needs people to fill the pews. I am happy to go to Peter/Paul when I can. Fr. Foreman gives great homilies, Young Catholic Musicians operates out of Sts.PP and there is 365 day a year service to the homeless.

Anyway, Bishop Rice (who is excellent, by the way) was visiting Peter/Paul back in the fall. In his homily he encouraged that we find Jesus in the everyday chaos of life. I swear he was looking right at me when he said it, which wouldn't have been that hard considering the layout of Peter/Paul (like a mini amphitheatre in a huge Gothic church). So every since then that's been my spiritual goal. Finding Jesus in the chaos. There certainly is enough busy chaos at the badmansard house with 4 kids, stressful jobs, a full calendar and a new puppy. And some sad chaos with extended family that I won't try to explain. Anyway, everyday I am trying to see Jesus in it all.

Back to the mansard. This mansard is chaotic. I see Jesus. Enough said.

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