Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tres froid

Very cold!  Certainly I am not the only one who's every noticed how cold the corner of 8th and Olive is.  I've worked downtown since 1995 and it seems that corner has always been about 10 degrees cooler than the streets around it.  Why?  Some kind of cooling or ventilation system from the Paul Brown , Frisco or Laclede Gas Building?  The sewers?  Or a ghost.

Here is a picture of my husband John.  Last week we went on a tour of the Schlafly taproom.  But that's not when this picture was taken.  It was about an hour later when then tornado sirens went off and the folks in the restaurant were evacuated to the Schlafly basement, including a wedding party. Pretty good emergency location.

Back to mansards later this weekend.

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  1. I, too, work Downtown. It is interesting to me how there are different climates in different places Downtown. 8th & Olive is off my beaten path. Perhaps I will check it out. I'm sure it isn't a ghost. That would just be too good of a story.
    Circle Blue