Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Poor Lemay.  It's a little hamlet right where St. Louis' south city ends and south county begins.  And for that reason, both the city and county people make fun of the hoosiers in Lemay.  Admittedly, Lemay is a little rough.  In fact, I think the people in Lemay would proudly tell you it's a little rough.  As in "I wouldn't want to get into a bar fight in Lemay."  But I know folks from Lemay and for the most part they are hard working, honest folks who like cold Busch beer and biker bars.

Bar fights and hoosiers aside, Lemay is an important place.  It it a very old part of St. Louis going back to when a French guy named Lemai had a ferry service over the nearby Mississippi River (thus the street name Lemay Ferry).  It has some nice sturdy homes and attractive architecture.

This poor building, not so much.  A bad mansard front and a solid brick behind.  And why was I driving through Lemay?  See below.  Softball game. 
Audrey jumping.  I wish I could tell you she was fielding a ball but really just doing an action pose for me. 

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