Saturday, July 28, 2012

Old North

 Audrey had a girl scout project in the Old North community garden this morning.  Going on at the same time was the lively Old North 14th Street Market with produce, people and music.  Great to see Old North continuing its upward momentum.  I am confident that in 10-15 years we'll talk of Old North just as we talk now of Soulard, Lafayette Square and Benton Park.

That's why these bad mansards are so sad.  Houses just like them are lovingly rehabbed all over the near south side.  But Old North is only where Soulard and Lafayette Square were in the 1980's.


  1. I know it doesn't fit the narrative, but our mansard (and the underlying house) is right around the corner from these two and is rehabbed quite nicely just like many others in the neighborhood. People do like taking pictures of the abandoned ones, though.

  2. I re-read my post and I should have talked more about how awesome I think Old North is. If I were to move, OldNorth would be on my short list. I know a handful of folks up there and there seems to be such a strong core of people dedicated to the neighborhood.

    Can I have pics of your mansard so I can put it on the blog? Thanks! Email me at badmansard [at] mac [dot] com