Monday, September 17, 2012

How come no one told me about this on ramp?

Eastbound Highway 40/64 at Boyle and Papin.  Why was I not informed of this on ramp?  I consider myself a knower of city traffic things.  Back ways.  Shortcuts.  Routes to avoid.  So then why after living in the city since 1996 was I unaware and completely oblivious to one of the most awesome on ramps ever?  Does everyone else know about it and kept it a secret, much like my reluctance to tell others how cool the 22nd exit is?

I still drive like it's 1996:  avoid Kingshighway, take Forest Park, merge into 40/64.  Cut over 3 lanes of traffic to exit at Jefferson or 6th.

What a fool I was.  Here was Boyle and Papin under my nose the whole time.

And so it's clear how stupid I've been- from 1996-1999 I lived in the CWE less than a mile from this on ramp.

I love this entrance so much.  I pick Otto up from K-9 Athletic Club (yes, I send my dog once  a week to doggie playtime) and jump right on that highway to the ominous Last Missouri Exit.  And even though I make this drive with a 70 pound slobbering dog riding shot gun, it is a wonderful ride.


  1. Yup. It's good. :^) Sorry I didn't tell you. Do you know about the secret post office? Not really secret. But it's the best one.