Thursday, December 20, 2012


I read with interest (and disdain) this series from the Post Dispatch about DEATH ON THE RAILS!  Pretty much a story about how people cut across tracks on foot and get hit by a train.  The article suggests the railroad should fence of the tracks, throw the emergency brakes whenever there's a person spotted on the track, slow down in residential areas, etc. 
Disclaimer- one of Gus' classmate's dad is the photographer in the piece.  His work is beautiful. I just think the people in the article were stupid.
Folks- if you move to Webster or Kirkwood, you are moving to a working ranch.  The railroads were there before the houses.  Be careful.  Anytime you step foot near a track a train could come out of no where and kill you.  At least that's what I learned growing up in Webster and having a mother that grew up in Kirkwood.  Do NOT mess with trains.  At all.  Ever.  I remember in 7th grade walking to my friend Cheryl's house in North Webster.  A train was stalled at Glen Road (I think Union Pacific tracks).  One friend wanted to climb over/under/around the train.  I insisted we walk to Elm and go under the bridge.  I was in 7th grade but I remembered my mother's advice- do not mess with trains.
I think noawadays parents are so obsessed with our kids eating organic food and taking cello lessons and having self esteem and stranger danger and limiting screen time and being on select sports teams that we totally under emphasize the basics like STAY AWAY FROM TRAINS.
Anytime we talk about trains let's not forget Boxcars, one of my favorite REM songs.  It came out right about the time I was one of those junior high kids doing a lot of walking around Webster knowing I better stay away from trains. 


  1. I thought the EXACT same thing when I saw that article. It's not rocket science. Sort of like people crossing the street anywhere & everwhere and being shocked there are cars.

  2. i need to read your stuff way more often because i always love it. and always laugh out loud -- usually thrice.