Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mansard Rendezvous

So the next time you find yourself chilling and boozing at the Rendezvous Room on Vandeventer  in Midtown, gaze across the street at these beastly mansards.  I've seen a lot in the 4 years I've been authoring bad mansard.  But I have never seen the mansard part of the roof done in what appears to be plexiglass?  Are these buildings undergoing rehab and the plexi is part of the process?  Is the third floor going to be a greenhouse?  I am so confused.

I guess I'll have to go hang at the Rendezvous room to stare across the street and find out for myself.  As for the Rendezvous Room, I found this review on yelp.   

If you're looking for a new place to get some cheap drinks, throw some e-darts and jam out  to some old Keith Sweat songs, it's worth a look.

I think you can also get your car detailed while you drink.  The Rendezvous Room and these mansards are at Vandeventer and Clayton Road in Midtown.  It's the "little" part of Clayton Road that runs behind Goodwill and then into Forest Park.

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