Monday, May 27, 2013


It's been a busy Memorial Day weekend.  Not a bad-busy but a "drinking beer at the pool" and "cleaning the laundry room" kind of busy.

These pictures are from spring break a few months back.  We went on the Meramec Cavern tour.  Cheesy awesome!  That's kind of become my thing- force the family to check out a cave when we vacation near home.  I highly recommend a trip to the Do Kum Inn diner near Meramec Cavern at 44 near the Sullivan exit.  Good food.  I had some great fried catfish.  And lookie there!  It's a bad motel abandoned mansard!

Yes, Mimi's clothes are woefully matched.  I really don't care too much what she wears, if it isn't obvious.  The girls fortunately do care and usually take the time to dress her right.

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