Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Methodist mansard

This is the Webster Hills United Methodist church fellowship hall building. It may technically be in Glendale.  It mirrors the mansard style of the original group of structures across Berry Road. I think this was built about 15 years ago. I remember I was in law school and living off Woodlawn avenue during construction. 

Some other bits of trivia about the intersection of Berry and Lockwood:

I received my first speeding ticket near there circa 1988. I paid it. STUPID. Don't ever pay tickets. They add points to your driving record and make your insurance costs go up. Get a lawyer to help you amend the ticket to a non moving. Non moving = no points. 

My first boyfriend lived on Edwin, not far from that corner. 

My mom almost bought her first house on parkland avenue in 1983. Instead she chose a sensible house in Webster Groves. Back then interest rates were around 16%. Imagine how different my life would have been growing up there. Not different bad, but just different. 

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