Sunday, November 17, 2013

An evening in 63104's best mansard

Last weekend we had a fabulous dinner at the Magic Chef Mansion, the mother of all mansards in St. Louis.  Back up 7 months to April at our school auction.  A group of five couples agreed to bid on an evening of dinner and drinks at the Magic Chef Mansion.  Another group of school parents would be putting on the event by donating their "time, talent and treasure" to cook, decorate and serve an amazing meal.

We set a budget for our maximum bid.  The budget was blown about five bids in.  The final purchase price was such a large amount for a school auction bid that I needed an installment plan to pay for our share.

And yet after the meal I kind of feel like we didn't pay enough for the meal.  Amazing.  Fabulous.  We had beer and wine paired with each course and then voted on the winner.  See below for the results which show the awesomeness of the meal and the boozy expertise of our school parents.  Scallops, Oysters, Chateaubriand, Lobster, Cheeses.  Stuff I'd be too cheap or scared to order off a restaurant menu.

My moment of pride came when we were getting a tour of the mansion.  The gracious owner said the word "mansard" and the room when silent and everyone looked at me.  Can you say proud?  I was.

Course #1 - went to the wine pairing Chablis with oysters
Course #2 - beer was the victor with the black pumpkin ale
Course #3 - Riesling paired nicely with our lovely salad
Course #4 - a bit of an upset, but the lobster paired with Hefe Weizen received more votes than the cabernet with the chataebriand
Course #5 - it was a tie between the Chimay and the port wine paired with the brioche bread pudding.

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