Monday, August 31, 2015

Missouri History museum fun!

Audrey's Girl Scout troop took a trip to the Missouri history museum to check out the Compton and Dry map exhibit. It was really amazing to look at a pictorial map of St Louis from 1875. The girls enjoyed finding drawn pictures of their homes  (or a blank space where a home would soon be built).  We then checked out the history clubhouse which appealed to the little girls and big girls in our group. Finally enjoyed some time on playground at forest park. 

My house wasn't build until 1884 but my neighbors house is shown. 

A note to all you Girl Scout leaders out there. I think the history museum is a great scout destination. Our troop is been there at least four times to visit and for Girl Scout Days.  There's always something new to do or see.  The best part? It's always free. The St. Louis Zoo, science center and Missouri botanical gardens usually charge $7-$10 a girl for their Girl Scout programming.

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