Monday, January 19, 2009

Mansard FAIL

Here is King Louis Square along Tucker (aka 12th), a replacement of the old Darst Webbe housing project featuring mixed income, rent/own/gov't subsidized, large/small developments. When I first moved into the area, Darst Webbe was a half circle of tall cinder block 'projects' in the middle of a field.  (side note:  anyone ever notice how most of Mizzou's dorms look just like Darst Webbe?  Especially Lathrop, Jones and Laws Halls?  It's almost eerie- exactly the same height, proportion, even the same colored tile around the front doors)

Anyway, the replacement units were meant to resemble the surrounding "Frenchtown" neighborhoods of Lasalle, Soulard and Lafayette Square, which of course means MANSARDS! Ironically, the houses originally destroyed to create Darst Webbe were actual 1800's 2nd Empires with Mansard roofs.  Thus, we knocked down the originals, built something totally awful, tore that down and built some replica dwellings with Mansard appendages plunked on top.  The picture above almost looks like a turd is perched on the corner of the building. 
These are "Faux-sards."  "Ran-sards."  These just fail.  Just another reason we should take a deep breath before we knock anything down in the name of city progress. FAIL.

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