Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sans Mansard

This is my premiere Mansard in the Lafayette Square neighborhood.  We weren't its owners for longer than a cup of coffee.  We bought it in 1999 and moved out in 2002 to buy our current Mansard.  Cette maison est sans Mansard.  Pourquoi?  Le tornado of 1896.  A terrible and powerful tornado steamrolled over the neighborhood destroying and damaging many of the dwellings.  Throughout Lafayette Square Mansards like this that are literally missing their tops.  Instead of rebuilding the 3rd floor, the homeowners called it a day and made the flooring of the 3rd floor the roof.  My old house above was rumored to have a roof crafted of nothing more than tar over a pine floor.  It never leaked though.  

I must point out that when I owned this wonderful little house it wasn't so drab looking.  It was a festive vert (green) color avec white trim and a rouge door.  Here's a link to what it looked like when I owned it.  Note the Mansards proper in the middle of the block that were spared by the tornado.  My sans Mansard is the green house to the far left.  

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