Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Flad is French for bad mansard, Pt. 1

I could say a lot, but I won't.  Even though I hate the mansard roof, someone spent good money to live in St. Louis city and now calls this mansard home; for that reason I must show respect.  Here's what I'd say to the homeowner at a hypothetical cocktail party:

"They mansard is a little awkward with the turret.  I wish the foundation weren't poured concrete; it would be nice if it were masonry like the rest of Shaw. Wow- that's an interesting bay window."

The concrete bunker mansard to the left is a 2-family with an out of town landlord, so we'll be mansard snarky (word blend= mansnarky) on Flad later.


  1. I think it might actually be cover for a Minuteman Ballistic Missile Silo. At least that way i could appreciate it more.

  2. I can barely articulate how much I hate this house. It even has lions on the front porch to make it look more "classy."