Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I love this sweet little mini-Mansard on Flora Place in Shaw. Tres chic. Mansards aren't that prevalent in Shaw. True, there are some period faux-sards (buildings with a 'cap' on them to resemble a mansard) and one super bad infill mansard we'll see tomorrow. But not many mansards as cute as this: Excellent proportion, nice colors and well-executed landscaping. Perfect little empty nest house. I would love to live there in 2035 when I am 65 and ready to retire. I'll hobble to mass at St. Margaret's and work in the Shaw/Flora Place garden club.

My kids were ready to move to Flora Place yesterday. They would love to be closer to their school, their friends and have the wonderful green space for playing. I love our house now; not sure I'd ever move. If I did, I've got my eye on this house, also on Flora Place.

I case you were wondering, I have 4 St. Louis dream streets: Flora Place, Shaw Place, Hawthorne, and Longfellow.


  1. My four are Hawthorne, Longfellow, Shaw, and 3500 Crittenden...But I obviously have a perverse fondness for foursquares.

  2. Not familiar with 3500 Crittenden. I'll have to check it out. By the way, I never know how to say Crittenden. I say "crit-ten-den." Is that right? Crittenden runs over this way too.

  3. Critten-den, like "critter den" with an N instead of the R.

    It's a nice little block--but it is all my house, just bigger and with better details.

  4. If you move in to 42XX, you have to have a party on that HUGE front porch and to eat dinner out there every night. I love all that space.

    And your feature home is also my dream home - got to sneak a peek inside while it was being painted and it is as cute as a bug.

    Emily M

  5. I love this one too. we have friends who live on Flora, and it's nice to visit, but MAN! I'd hate to keep up with that much house.

    St Louis Dream Streets ... if I had to have a House ... Hortus Court (not a street, actually), Fountain Park (if it would improve just a little bit!), Fairmount Ave., Walton Row.

  6. LisaS- I LOVE Walton Row; I have a friend whose parents live on that street.

    Love Hortus Court too. Our brownie troop set out April SHowers bags there and Magnolia Place. Both are darling. I also love "little Rutger" in Lafayette Square and the 18/1900 blocks of Hickory.

    EmilyM- keep an eye on 42XX Flora Place for me. One day...