Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ce qui est ceci? En anglais: WTF?

I've been staring at this one for a while.  What is it?  Does it even qualify as a mansard?  This recently constructed 2-family is on Flad near Klemm and its owners live in Chicago.  

As best I can tell, it's like a concrete pre-form mansard.  Here's what I hate about it in no particular order:  
  • roof
  • stairs
  • balcony
  • where are the curtains?
  • hate the windows
  • shrimpy immature landscaping
  • putty color
  • no window sills
  • doors- brown, ugly, teeny tiny window with teeny, tiny light fixtures
Say, that reminds me- when you live in these Big Old House Neighborhoods (BOHN's), please adjust your landscaping, lighting, pots, etc to scale!  Otherwise your accessories get swallowed up.


  1. It is rather awful. Like something out of southern california.

  2. Surprisingly this is actually a turn-of-the-century four-family that has been converted to three units. Yes, I know it looks like a two unit, but it is not. There are two down and one giant unit upstairs on the second floor that is entered from the rear. I guess that is the owner's unit. The cladding on this building is indeed hideous. Remember perma-stone from the 50s? Back then it was, "Lets put fake stone on the front of our late Victorian and make it look updated and nice. Oh and lets not forget to add the aluminum storm windows and storm doors." I think this is a similar concept, just 80s instead! "Dude, lets make this place look totally rad."