Sunday, April 12, 2009

Old Warson Mansard

When I close my eyes and try to recall my first bad mansard, my mind travels to St. Mary Magdalen softball games played in the early 1980's near this mansard.   My lack of softball prowess relegated my to the outfield, thus giving me a lot of time to think and stare at ugly mansards.  I told myself then:  "I will never live in a mansard that ugly."  

This mansard is adjacent to the quarry on Old Warson and straddles the municipalities of Rock Hill and Ladue.   This house and its awkward twin sit almost on the field.  Bad Mansard was at a precarious intersection:  baseball field, road, quarry.  (*does anyone remember when there was a huge fire at the quarry?  We got a bunch of booze and went to watch).

Old Warson Mansard is seared in my brain.   Some people remember a traumatic first day or school or walking in on their parents having sex.  Not me- I remember the first time I ever saw a bad mansard. 

NOTE: How weird is that?  The mansard from River des Peres (above profile) looks a lot like the Old Warson mansard.  Perhaps the same designer worked his magic in South City and again on Old Warson.

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