Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quelque fuc?

For the love of Dieu, how does this monstrosity share a zip code with Lafayette Square and Soulard?  This is new construction- as in someone planned this 'design' recently.

Ironic, isn't it?  The strict historical code around here prohibits me from using certain windows or having an air conditioner visible from the street, yet someone at City Hall said, "oh, yeah, sure, build this house."  I am pretty sure that is an AC unit hanging out of the window.  Also wrong:  Handrails?  Brick veneer?  Front door?  Foundation?

If memory serves (I sound like the chairman in Iron Chef Japan), this yahoos that built this are doing other 'projects' in the area.  


  1. And I just don't get how anyone could look at that house and think, "I want to live there." Either pick out a suburban in-fill house in the Gate District or something authentic anywhere else in our zip codes.

  2. Piper Properties - FAIL. They do some really awful work. I wonder who their architect is.

  3. I think that this house was built before the local historic district ordinance went into effect.