Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reader Submission!

Thanks to reader LisaS who submitted this bad mansard.  As a child she recalls spending time in this Little Rock apartment complex.  LisaS remembers playing hide and seek around the apartments and rec center.  Is it a coincidence that Lisa became an architect?  I think not.  

Please draw your eye to the mansard-pod design in the background.  The rec center?  A utility shed?  It looks like a litter box.  

With this submission, Badmansard has exposed the fugliness of poorly designed mansards in four states:  Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, California.


  1. I like the term "mansard pod"

    Now I'm going to have to keep my eye out...

  2. the "mansard pod" was the "Clubhouse" aka, building between the playground and pool where the coke machine lives.

    and it does look like a litter box. dear me ...