Sunday, July 5, 2009

Go Greek! Delta Tau Bad Mansard

Down round the corner, here on Rollins street...

I am so sorry to make fun of the mansard roof line at the Delt house at Mizzou.  A few of my friends married Delts and they are nice guys.  BUT!  the mansard is bad.  There seems to be a Greek bad mansard on every college campus.

About this photo.  I was in Columbia in court and went to visit a dear friend during lunch.  As I drove down Providence I remembered the bad mansardness of the Delt house, made a quick left turn and stopped in front of my old sorority house and took the picture.   


  1. Everyone knows that Sigma Chis are much more fun to be around due to their good looks, sparkling personalities and commitment to keeping their campuses free from bad mansards.

  2. I was once "married" to a delt for four miserable years and he was a complete ass. He frowned upon this badmansard, however, so there's one redeeming quality that I failed to recognize until just now. Hang on, give me a second and I'll think of one of his other redeeming qualities! Umm...hmmmmm... Nevermind, I can't think of any.