Sunday, July 12, 2009

Merci Reader Mike!

Thank you reader Mike for a photo of this awesome Chesterfield bad mansard.  I wonder what's in the mansard flanks?  Looks like a pair of baby mansard houses that were sucked into quicksand. 

Again with the shingles- those just never work out well here in St. Louis.  The humidity (and shade I'm guessing from the trees) cause them to rot.

Thanks again!  Submit your bad mansards to


  1. I have a friend who fancies himself a city planner...anyway, he wants to buy a house in south st louis and coat it with shingles like that. I keep staring at him when he suggests it. Like, come on, the place is filled with red brick, it doesn't need any gussying up.

  2. So he wants a house in the Hamptons but at St Louis pricing.